lisa winstanley design

Bio: "I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast!" This is one of my favourite quotes, taken from Lewis Carroll’s, ‘Alice In Wonderland’. It is incredibly pertinent in describing my approach to graphic design; in that, I have had to reinvent myself for a Middle Eastern market, let go of preconceptions, embrace contradictions and make the seemingly impossible possible. I am a highly experienced, predominately print based artist and visual communicator, who is able to create innovative design solutions using a combination of typography, image, artistry, psychology and occasionally a little stardust! My holistic, non–linear approach as a graphic artist allows me to solve communication problems by discovering and evaluating visual relationships; I believe that shaping the question is most certainly, part of the problem. This autonomous approach to creative thinking allows me to identify client needs, analyse areas for improvement and set goals to meet those parameters, thus enabling me to become a better practitioner by establishing frameworks for innovative design practice and communication pathways whilst also considering the significance of a multidisciplinary approach, addressing the paradigm of shifting industry standards. Structuring my practice to form relationships between relevant local and global communities enables me to establish a broader knowledge base, thus informing the scope of my practice. It is evident that I sit within a vast creative industry and am by no means a singular commodity, but rather, my practice is informed by a myriad of disciplines. I am part of an academic community and a creative one, both of which I see as equally important and I believe continued creative research and practice can only facilitate in amalgamating the two even further, therefore my current focus is intended to be a platform for editorial and typographic exploration which is critically informed by solid, theoretical framework.

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