British Football Academy

I have been working as a creative consultant for The British Football Academy in Kuwait for the past 6 months. The BFA approached me in order to totally rebrand their company with the aim of remaining competitive in a somewhat flooded market in Kuwait.

I approached the project with a number of key objectives in mind:

  • Design and develop client communication materials (overall experience, supporting assets and artefacts, etc.)
  • Support client engagement and internal teams in the exploratory development and iterative processes.
  • Define visual direction for of new offerings and businesses.
  • Lead concept prototyping and evaluative testing of new concepts
  • Support business development and proposals for new client work
  • Contribute to internal research and development projects
  • Provide feedback, support and training for design usage

Working alongside key stakeholders at BFA I established design objectives, key communication objectives and agreed upon a functional and conceptual design brief.

I also conducted a brand value management workshop with several key members of BFA in order to fully establish market positioning, target audiences and core brand values. This subsequently informed the fundamental aspects of the brand identity and allowed me to comprehensively develop a brand guidelines to communicate these concepts effectively.

The project is still ongoing and the new brand identity will be fully launched across social media and print collateral in September 2017. I have shown below a selection of the brand guidelines which will support the launch.  Thank you BFA for your commitment to creative progression!

British Football Academy

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