A lie destroys 1000 truths

It has been a while since my last blog post as I have been really focussed on writing my journal article and my time has been very limited. I have found that whilst I’m focussed so intently on such an academically intensive project I have had little time for anything else. However, I have made the time to work on this creative project.

I really wanted to metaphorically explore the fragility of our concept of ‘truth’ and from this I’ve decided to create a series of typographic pieces which investigate this notion. The first of these pieces started as a rough experiment in playdoh a few months back and the results warranted further creative experimentation. In my research I came across the phrase ‘A lie destroys 1000 truths’ and I had the idea of representing this in a material that could easily be destroyed. Playdoh fitted the bill as it is malleable, gave me great scope to mould it but also could be very easily damaged. To build the typography was a time consuming process, to destroy it literally seconds. Trust is a lot like this and for me this proved the perfect visual metaphor for that concept.

I am so pleased with the resulting images and stop frame animation, the time and effort involved it sculpting the type was very much worth it and even the destructive part was fun, although very nerve wracking and I almost couldn’t go through with it. But I knew the whole point of the piece was to demonstrate how easy it was to destroy and the resulting video more than compensates for my feelings of nausea at losing my work!

Here is a link to the animation

A lie destroys 1000 truths

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