Self Reflection

This assessment has presented me with the opportunity to build upon the knowledge and skills I developed in the Research & Practice Module and I feel that I have fully embraced that challenge. Having already conducted basic research on the outskirts of my research topic I felt I was in strong position to now thoroughly examine several facets contained within the framework of deceptive or ‘evil’ design.

As I began to gather relevant sources I realised that the topic I intend to undertake is incredibly broad and may even need to be refined further in the next assessment task in order to remain feasible. I could have easily chosen 40 to 50 credible, academic texts to support my research but from these I was able to ‘cherry pick’ the most applicable to cohesively support the core of my research. I then created a secondary reading list of supplementary sources, many of which, I plan to review over the coming weeks. The process of finding and evaluating sources was almost like a treasure hunt, the more I searched the more I kept finding golden nuggets of information! Each source led on to others equally as relevant however, I do believe the 20 sources I have chosen to annotate are the most relevant, current and appropriate in order to advice and inform both my creative practice and theoretical advancement.

If I had more time I would love to read and digest more; the more I learn, the more I want to learn and I am confident that this topic will continue to be a source of intrigue for the foreseeable future.


Self Reflection

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