Lines Creative

A week or so ago I visited Lines creative to present my MA project, on Wednesday Lines returned the favour by visiting Box Hill College, where I work to deliver a presentation to our graphic design and Interior design students.

Inji Darwish, Branding Manager and Shady Ashour, head of interior design delivered a fast paced, visually stimulating presentation on the work Lines do here in Kuwait and throughout the GCC. They demonstrated their collaborative approach and detailed their differing design processes for around 7 prestigious projects. Mainly working in the restaurant industry (what else is there in Kuwait!) the pair tag teamed their talk to discuss both the branding and interior aspects of each project. It was clear that research is a huge element in their process and no stone is left unturned, thus enabling the most creative and unique ideas to flourish. What was also evident was the real sense of teamwork that Lines projects, no singular person was able to take ownership of a project as it was clear that the Lines family worked collaboratively to get the job done. Inspiring! As a lone wolf I sometime forget the benefit of having a team of people to get your back!

Overall the presentation was received well by both faculty and students alike and with potential summer internship placements on offer my students were even more enthused. This was a refreshing and informative experience and I hope to continue to build the professional relationship with Lines .

Lines Creative

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