Play with words

I wanted to create some typography that wasn’t in a finite state; that had some degree of fragility and malleability, figuratively representing those values in the context of deceit. I thought, what better material than play dough! Having a 3 year old around it’s a plentiful commodity in my home (mostly covering my sofa but that’s a whole different blog post!) So I set to work and created the word ‘lies’ from the coloured clay.

As with yesterday’s experiment, this was quick and dirty with the aim to merely to test the water and see if this was an idea worth exploring in more depth. Based on the images below I conclude that it is. Obviously the type is very crudely constructed but I believe with some careful planning and detailed execution and, of course,  good photography this is a method that could yield some interesting results.

I’d like to work with more than one word and for those words to be quite poignant to the research topic. I’ll allow my current research into manipulation and persuasion to advice content but for today I am pleased with my play!

Play with words

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