Two faced

I really want to add a section into my book of lies that focusses on graphic design rather than the more illustrative work I have been gravitating towards recently. I have therefore decided that there will be 3 sections to the book. The first will outline and illustrate an experiment on emotive responses to visual metaphor, the second will be a series of experimental graphics based on my current research on deception, persuasion and manipulation alongside plays on words and paradoxes. The third section will be the resulting confessional artefacts created from the website.

For this second section I have come up with the idea to work on a series of typographic experiments around the general theme of lies and truth. For example I plan to  get creative in the kitchen and bake some cookie typography saying, ‘eat your words’.  Which will then be broken and dipped in tea! I have an idea to experiment with 3D printing and create typography of the words ‘The Truth’ made from rubber which I’ll then stretch and photograph, literally stretching the truth! I would like to work in disposable materials to create type,for instance, coffee or sugar and then destroy the lettering to figuratively show the fragility of lies. I’d also like to create some type using a material that will change over time, ie become mouldy or discoloured and photograph this as a time lapse stop frame video. The one idea I had today involves the old adage of being two faced. I thought it would be a good idea to show two sides to the story, the truth and lies and considered how folding paper might allow this to happen.

Below are my very quick sketches at how this might work. I think this idea has real potential and would look amazing as a pull out concertina section in the book! Obviously this is a quick thumbnail shown on a post-it note but I think, with some work, this could be a really successful piece. Exiting!

Two faced

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