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I’ve been feeling a little out of my depth with the critical studies module. After watching everyone else’s video presentations It seems that everyone is far more focussed, organised and confident with their research topics. Have I bitten off more than I can chew? My research topic is so broad I could write a whole book on one aspect of the topics I plan to discuss. I also worry if I’m actually going to be adding new knowledge to the topic or simply combining the knowledge of others in one digestible article. Should this even be a concern?

Because of these worries I resorted to my old tactic of procrastination and avoided annotating anything I had read or reading anything new in the impossible hope that the answers would miraculously reveal themselves or better still it would all just go away! Yesterday I finally got my act together and began work. Once I did, I realised that this was what I needed to do all along, start reading and writing and the process of discovery through acquiring knowledge would help organise my chaotic thoughts!

I spent 12 hours reading, reflecting and writing and again several hours this morning doing the same. This fruitful period had yielded 6 of the 15 annotations required for the assessment task and I now feel far less overwhelmed. However, reading the articles I have, has raised the issue that I am merely scratching the surface of each issue and it may require far more than 15 sources for me to gain a deeper understanding of each of the techniques I wish to discuss. I shall be aware this time that procrastination is not an option which will improve this situation!

Annotate this

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