Divergency and the brainworm

Have you ever lay in bed at night trying to sleep but your brain just wont shut off? A lot of the time this is me, my brain makes connections with the strangest of things; I get ideas from nowhere about all kinds of everything, most of which are nonsense but sometimes I get what I like to call a ‘brainworm’.

A brainworm is to me, a creative idea that I just can’t get rid of, no matter how silly or improbable it may seem, I need to act upon it in order for it to go away! My brainworms can come from anywhere, anything or anyone and they push and pull me late at night until I can’t take it anymore and have to take action.

In a recent conversation with my tutor I sent a link to my website http://www.iliekit com only, in my haste to type, I missed out the i from iliekit. http://www.liekit.com is Dario Maffia’s DJ’s site  and this caused some confusion! Tim eventually realised that it was an error and I hadn’t taken to moonlighting at the local rave! but his subsequent comment gave me a brainworm (Bones.T, 2016)

“I got a bit confused when I clicked the link below, it took me to the site of a DJ called Dario Maffia and I thought where’s Lisa going with this?! DJ? Pseudonym? Then I saw the missing I.”

A pseudonym. What a thought! The iliekit project is all about lies and deceit so to give myself a secret identity would fit right in with this line of thinking. I’d be like an under cover agent or the next Dr. Seuss! Or would I just end up becoming a poor man’s Banksy!? Regardless this is now a brainworm and I HAVE to act upon it or I’ll go insane. I have also considered a possible misdirection, perhaps when viewers try to enter the iliekit website they are misdirected to a fake site instead? Would this put people off, confuse and deter from the site? I’m not sure but again the brainworm is there keeping me awake at night! Divergent thinking seems to be both a blessing and a curse for me.


Bones, T. (2016). Project Refocus. [email]

Divergency and the brainworm

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