Old Habits Die Hard

I wish it were possible to create everything that was in my head; I have so many ideas, notions and plans that sometimes I feel I could burst! Undoubtedly, as a creative, having many ideas is a good thing but knowing where to stop, this is a whole other matter for me. It seems, in the past, I have I always set myself up to fail by giving myself an impossible list of things to do. I then become incredibly disheartened when I am unable to achieve the impossible.

I don’t intend for my Major Project to follow along these lines. I had grand plans for a book, an exhibition, a website, merchandise, branding, packaging… the list goes on and on. What I have had to do is force myself to be realistic; not something I particularly relish, for I much prefer the land of make believe!  However, by planning my time and being honest about what I can achieve within a given timeframe, I have come to the conclusion that all the wonderful ideas I have in my head are not all achievable. Therefore, I have had to make sacrifices so that I can give my all, to what I consider, to be the most important aspects of this project.

I didn’t anticipate it would be so hard to let go of an idea. I would love to create a solo exhibition; I genuinely think it would be a great opportunity to showcase the last 2 years’ work and help make a name for myself in the Kuwaiti market place. Nevertheless, when I set out on this project it was always my intention to create a book; a tangible, tactile artbook where I could really experiment and I think this is where I need to focus my attention. By taking on further challenges, such as a full exhibition, this would be detriment to my initial vision for this project. I admit defeat!

I always attempt to challenge and push myself but setting myself an impossible list for the major project is a crazy notion. Changeling but achievable  is my new motto!

My time plan is shown below and I am confident I can pull this off, but at the back of mind I have a little voice saying, “go, on add the exhibition. You can do it!”. For now, at least, I’m ignoring my gremlins and sticking to the plan!

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 10.06.46 PM

Old Habits Die Hard

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