In college I lied to my friends that I had a twin sister! Really it was just some girl that looked like me, we became friends and people assumed we were sisters so I just ran with it. I came clean eventually!

I chose this as lie of the week as it immediately sparked off several ideas for creative representation. During a forum discussion I was inspired by Weaam’s observation that my work’s bold strokes and bright colours were reminiscent of circus artwork. Building upon this suggestion, I have decided that my character, José, is now be a travelling circus performer! From this, I believe, a colourful narrative can now begin to evolve around José’s world and the people he might encounter in his life as a performer.

My mind was (and still is) buzzing with images of bearded and tattooed ladies, strong men and acrobats, clowns and contortionists; there is also a darker more Victorian freak show element that I could potentially explore. The idea of twins seemed to fit perfectly within this fantasy world of performance, smoke and mirrors and I had several ideas on how to progress this, most of which stemmed from the ideas of conjoined twins and contortion.

Firstly I considered using a mirror image but showing one twin upside down, referring to the truth being turned on its head. Secondly, my work has previously featured singular faces with multiple eyes, representing a split personality or two faced nature; I thought this would be an ideal opportunity to investigate the option of creating multiple faces with a singular eye in a stark contrast to my previous designs but developing the bounds of concept even further. The final idea that I thought worthy of further experimentation was inspired by the truth being ‘twisted’; this word made me think of twisted sister and from there the idea of twisted and contorted bodies, almost snake like, Each graphical body would be wrapped in circus stripes akin to the skin tight decorative bodysuits of circus performers.

These were the three ideas of merit and from which I now plan to develop further sketches to determine which one I should ultimately proceed to final artwork. I have spent some considerable time conducting visual research into twins both regular and conjoined, circus performers of a darker nature and Victorian circus typography. This has given me a much clearer visual direction and pointed me towards a style that I hope to develop further for this element of the project.


twins sketch 1twins sketch 2


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