A new semester

This is now week 3 of the new semester and my first post so far. I’ve fell out of the habit of daily reflective writing and thought it was high time that I re-established my commitment to this process. albeit on less regular basis.

A lot has happened since my last post and my project is now at much more advanced stage. the iliekit.com website is now officially up and running and I’ve completed a number of creative adaptations of the lies submitted. The promotional process is slow. I’m a little disappointed at the lack of response to the website; so many people have expressed what a great idea it is but so few have actually used the site! I’m in the process of executing a marketing plan which will hopefully rectify this issue. It’s quite nerve wracking as I am totally reliant on the interactivity of the site to feed the next element of my project, the books.

I am currently populating the site a little, myself so that it doesn’t appear empty when new viewers look around. This was a time consuming activity as the content reflowed on a daily basis. I’ve since asked my web developer to amend this so the content only flows on a monthly basis until the site generated more traffic at least. When adding my own lies I have actually confessed actual lies I have told so this has become partly autobiographical in a sense. I think this is a good way for me to progress should the site not reach its full potential as the content will still be valid. Not ideal, but a reasonable plan B!

I’ve had very positive feedback from the forums and Weaam, in particular, has given me some real food-for-thought. She suggested that my illustration style was very ‘old style circus’ and I think this would be an excellent route to follow in terms of stylisation and narrative. A circus family would add a great element to the tale and the smoke and mirrors ideology of the circus life would really give an exiting and creative theme to build upon.

I already have my next ‘lie of the week’ in mind based around this theme. There was a lie saying. ‘I pretended to have a twin sister’ ( I shan’t divulge if this was my lie or not!) I have the images of a conjoined twin freak show style or good and evil identical twins, perhaps glamorous trapeze artists! I’m still working out the details but my mind is busy with ideas! I can see a lot of scope from going down this ‘circus’ route. I’ll run it by Tim and gauge his thoughts.

I am feeling a little overwhelmed with the amount of things I have to do. I worked out what I’d like to achieve this week in terms of study and work commitments and it came to something like 116 hours worth of work. Not an achievable number! So I know I need to prioritise and give myself achievable targets. My main concern is with the new module professional presentations. I had put a presentation together using Keynote and quicktime but on reflection I’m not happy with it and realise it needs to demonstrate the interactivity of my website. I know exactly what I want to do and how I want it to look but technically I’m out of my depth. I’d like to animate some things and I simply don’t know where to start, in what software to achieve what I want. I’m considering starting again using adobe Muse but I need to really think about this and plan my time – again something else to add to my ever increasing list of things to do.

I’m really feeling the pressure! but I’ve planned to study everyday this week until at least 5pm and then again when I get home and my daughter is sleeping. Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll be a few steps closer to having a plan, if not a working prototype!

A new semester

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