DAY 73

Overall, the collective feedback from the cohort has been incredibly positive; the vast majority of comments have been complementary regarding the non-traditional presentation route that, as a team, we chose to implement. There were, however, several suggestions for improvement; namely that the video was a little long and that the supporting research document was also too excessive to give a clear overview of our concept. These were fair comments and, in retrospect, reducing the length of the video may have helped to clarify our team’s vision. Providing a concise 1 or 2 page overview of our ethos and manifesto may have also helped to communicate these points in a more straightforward manner.

I believe I was so keen to demonstrate our process and accommodate everyone’s excellent contributions that, ‘the message’ we wanted to portray may have been, somewhat, diluted. By condensing the information presented and adopting a strategy of thorough refinement the team project could have further emphasised a singular vision. Having said this, I strongly believe that our submission was able to convey our ethos and manifesto but a simplified version would, perhaps, foster a greater common understanding.

A few people expressed the opinion that, our concept was not clearly defined; that it was unclear how Flock differentiated itself from other galleries. Team Vermilion were keen to ensure that Flock was positioned as a global gallery and not simply as international. I do think that these terms were confused, by some, in their evaluations. Therefore, by further clarifying Flock’s intents to showcase global artists, to offer virtual exhibits and online, educational programmes, plus inclusive workshops and creative activities, Team Vermilion could have eliminated the uncertainly surrounding our unique selling point and ensured that Flock’s business model was conveyed in a more comprehensive manner.

The Flock brand was consistently applauded and I am incredibly happy that this part of our presentation was held in high regard; mainly as I was personally responsible for much of its development. These positive statements served to affirm that our team decision making process was effective and that our team critique process fostered a series of solid design choices.

Overall, I am pleased that our presentation was so well received and that any negative aspects discussed were things that, given the opportunity, I believe could be quickly and easily improved upon. The critiquing process has proved to be highly beneficial; by receiving feedback from a wide variety of people, I have been able to synthesise their insights and look at the project from alternative perspectives. This, in turn, served to re-enforce the positive aspects of the work and highlight potential solutions to areas that require improvement.

During this activity, it has become apparent to me just how difficult it is to remain unbiased about a project into which you have invested so much time and effort. Becoming personally attached to your work can be both a blessing and a curse. Conclusively, learning to take on board constructive feedback from others helps to facilitate a frame of reference for objective amelioration.

DAY 73

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