DAY 68

Yesterday I had a migraine and was unable to complete my diary entry as the light from the computer screen hurt my eyes. I had bizarre wavy lines in my peripheral vision so I am planning a visit to the opticians today to get it checked out. Thankfully, I’m feeling much better today. Over the course of the semester I have only missed 3 entries which, for me, is a great achievement, hence I am more proud of the 65 days I did complete than concerned about the 3 I missed!


I can now breathe a big sigh of relief! The Gallery brief is complete and uploaded to the forum for critique. I have to say that, although the team project was a relatively painless experience and the team I was working with all contributed effectively, I am so pleased that its done!

It was far less stressful than I had anticipated but even so, as team facilitator I felt a large responsibility to ensure the smooth running of the project and, to some extent, felt responsible for the quality of the outcome. This was added pressure on top of the usual pressure I exert upon myself to be the best I can be. I believe I coped with this well and, to be honest, there were not that many issues that required my intervention, from a managerial perspective, at least. Nevertheless, I feel a a great sense of relief that I am now back to worrying solely about my own competency and contributions!

I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy the experience, as it was great to create a closer bond with my team mates and I’m sure this is one that will continue throughout the course of our studies and the experience has made evaluate my leadership skills and consider if a managerial role would be suited to me in the future. Should the opportunity arise for a promotion, to head-of-department, I would now perhaps consider this as a possibility whereas before I would have doubted my ability to take facilitate a team in an effective manner. In summation after completing this task successfully, I now have more faith in myself, which is never a bad thing!

DAY 68

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