DAY 65

Over the past few days I have been working on some creative idea development for the practice 2 module. Using information gleaned from my survey report as a source of inspiration I created some sketches based on an anonymous confession stating, “I Lied About My Religion”. There were no more details provided so I don’t know who the respondent lied to and in what context the lie was told or even the religion of the respondent. So I was left to imagine these details myself. The resulting sketches are basic and need a lot of refinement but I think there is a seed of an idea there that can be progressed further. I love the ornate decoration and religious context of illuminated manuscripts and think I could create a beautiful piece by building upon my work with drop caps done for my daily creative challenges earlier this semester.


20150825_161133 20150825_161136 20150825_161153 20150825_161206 20150825_161220





















































The idea behind my second series of sketches came from an entirely different source. Whilst discussing my online confessions portal with a group of my colleagues one lady confessed a lie she had told about the size of her feet! She told me that a date had asked about the size of her feet and she was too embarrassed to divulge the real size as they are quite large; so she lied and told him they were much smaller. Shortly after she broke up with her suitor, just in case he was planning to buy her shoes as a gift! We laughed a lot and after this I couldn’t get the story out of my head – another brain worm! I had to act on my brain worm to silence it and I created a series of sketches exploring the concept. My first idea was almost instantaneous and came to mind as the anecdote was being divulged; I pictured a Cinderalla scenario with ladies queuing to try on the glass slipper but all their feet were too large to fit. My second idea was of monster feet overpowering a much daintier pair of tootsies!

On reflection, I think the first idea was strongest and by developing the sketches I was able to further explore typographically and to come up with a more detailed back story to the idea. I suggested previously that Mr Mustachio would become quite a character throughout this project and here seemed the ideal opportunity to introduce his long suffering wife. Meet Mrs Moustachio and her extra large feet! The sketches are still quite rough and need a lot of work but I am excited to pursue this line of creative inquiry further over the coming days.

20150825_161124 20150825_161228 20150825_161231 20150825_161239 20150825_161258


















































20150825_161118 20150825_161107 20150825_161056

























All Images by Lisa Winstanley

Winstanley. L (2015) sketches

DAY 65

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