DAY 64


The video presentation has been finalised and I am more than pleased with the outcome. I sought feedback from Joe and from my colleagues at work. All responses, so far have been extremely positive; my fellow graphic design colleague, Ms. Mirna Kataya, was very impressed by both the Flock brand and the professionalism of the video presentation and my tutor, Joe conveyed the following positive statement to my online studio,

“I have really enjoyed the opportunity to view your completed video presentation – this is a real success and the contributions all your team have made are evident to see – a truly collaborative effort achieved under clear leadership!” (Lynch, 2015)

I’m thrilled by these responses and my self confidence has had a real boost. I’ve discussed my self doubt numerous times within this blog and I fully acknowledge that my insecurities around my creative and, more recently, managerial abilities are areas which I need to work on. However, it’s days like this where I can laugh at myself, push those insecurities to one side and genuinely be proud of my achievements.

I am still waiting to receive research from Dwijah and Uttam and then this document can also be finalised and submitted to Joe but this now seems a relatively small task and I’m not overly concerned that it will be submitted slightly later than planned.

I sent a personal email to each team member today thanking them for their contribution to the project and generally giving everyone a well–deserved pat on the back. I really hope that everyone is feeling as positive about the team work experience as I am and i have no reason to think otherwise. A very positive end to a great project.


Lynch, J. (2015). Teamwork and Critique. [email].

DAY 64

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