DAY 63

We have finally completed the team Global Gallery video presentation. Uttam has done such an amazing job putting everything together and I am very proud to submit this presentation. I believe it really showcases our commitment and collaboration as a team and demonstrates all the hard work we have undertaken to create such a professional presentation. Obviously, with more time it could be polished further but I am genuinely pleased with the outcome and happy to say I am part of this team.

I am really pleased with the Manifesto section of the presentation. Weaam’s idea to include a multiple language introduction for each point, worked so well both aesthetically and aurally; serving to further highlight the globally collaborative nature of the project. Something we all wanted to achieve from the offset. The opening 3D animation is also very successful, in terms of representing the team dynamically and sets the bar high from the opening scene. I do think that given more time the imagery could have been improved and perhaps even a short creative film added to enhance the overall aesthetic but considering the time we had and the management of a globally diverse team I think this is a stellar job.

Below is a link to the completed video. We plan to upload this for Joe first thing tomorrow and subsequently upload to the forum for feedback.


Team Vermilion, (2015). Flock A Global Gallery.

Available at: [Accessed 23 Aug. 2015].

DAY 63

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