DAY 61


I contacted Joe to confirm a definitive date for submission of this project and he confirmed that we should aim to submit no later than Monday in order to stay on track. I reiterated this to the team via facebook and was assured by Uttam that the final draft version of the video presentation is ready and will be uploaded shortly. This is great news and now gives us the weekend to reflect and refine the outcome for final submission on Monday.

I also suggested to the team that we submit a research document to support our presentation and this has been met with a positive response. I’ve created a template and am now awaiting  research from the team which I can collate in to one final document for submission alongside the video. The video should e ready for viewing shortly and I am very exited to see what Uttam has put together. Can’t wait!


I forwarded my research document to Tim and received very positive feedback. He spoke about the positive aspects of adequate creative time and how doing something creative each day can benefit the creative mind and I after working through my daily and weekly creative challenges I would have to agree. Tim also shared a video which discusses this concept and frames it as, ‘Littleing it to Death!’

Having watched the video and considered the concept of littleing, this seems to be what I have been doing as part of this critical diary in more that one sense. I have used writing as a source of littleing, just a short reflection for each and also by setting myself daily creative challenges I have made it routine to be creative and to experiment.

The one downside of this process is my inability to stick to a time limit! Initially, I set myself a limit of 15 minutes and then increased this to half an hour but I wasn’t able to stick to this. I believe this is for a number of reasons; firstly, I am a perfectionist. It would drive me crazy to see a half finished piece of work or something not done to the standards I set myself. Secondly, as an artist I fear negative judgement; I constantly question my creative ability and by producing and showcasing unfinished work or work not done to the best of my ability I would feel vulnerable and open for criticism.

This for me is perhaps my biggest fault as a creative and something that I wish to change but for now it would seem I would rather spend a few hours on a piece and produce something I am satisfied with than a ten minute sketch. Consequently, I try to plan my time accordingly and always know to allow myself an extra buffer to account for this. In retrospect I should literally set a ten minute timer and have someone remove my paper after the buzzer sounds! I think this is the only way I would stick to the limit! So maybe I’m not littleing creativity I’m middleing it!


Porter, C. (2012). Creativity Coaching: Littleing it to Death. [image] Available at: [Accessed 21 Aug. 2015].

DAY 61

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