DAY 60


Everything has gone rather quiet! I can only assume that as team members have completed their own particular tasks that they haven’t been checking into Basecamp as often as previously. Uttam is busy working on the final video presentation, which is no small task, but I had hoped to have seen something today. There is still time, so I wont panic just yet!

Today I also suggested that we prepare a team research document to accompany the video. This was pretty much an afterthought from myself but the more I think about the more important I think it is to provide a document showing our development and process. I have set up a template outlining my research and uploaded this to Basecamp so the team can see what I think we need to be aiming for. I plan to message everyone on the facebook group to make sure they are aware of this new idea and hopefully get everyone on board.

After putting my research together I was able to see exactly how much I had done in contribution to this project and I am very pleased with the results. I believe this helps to demonstrate my commitment and team contribution, probably more so than the final video will and this is a very important aspect of the project.


I have spent the last few days preparing, organising and editing my research document for submission. I realise that I still have another semester to go, but I wanted to be prepared and also give myself an overview of my progress to date. As with the business perspectives research document detailed above, it was only when I had put everything together that I began to realise how much work I had actually undertaken and how far I have come. I was feeling that I hadn’t worked as effectively as the Practice 1 module but now, in retrospect, I  think I have created a solid foundation upon which to build and develop for the coming semester.

I also had the first draft of my website from the web developer today and I am so pleased with the results! There are a few aesthetic tweaks I want to make but overall the site looks amazing on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Here is the link

Although I am not sure if this will still be active by the time this blog is reviewed for grading. If not my live site will be fully functioning at

I plan to make a list of all the amends and discuss these with the developer before he continues with the back end site work. I have been doing quite a lot of thinking regarding the creative aspect of this website and I have come to the conclusion that I should offer limited edition prints for sale of all the artwork I produce. This shop, should be a feature added to the website and I need to consider the implications this will have on the site design and implications for print, production and distribution of the artwork itself. I’ll take some time to reflect and compose my thoughts before I go ahead with this and also look into other online creative stores such as as potential outlets for my artwork.

DAY 60

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