DAY 59

As a team we have worked very well together so far and we are very close to completing this project, I don’t want motivation to run out before the finish line! I therefore took the opportunity to report back to the team on our accomplishments and also hopefully give a little moral boost in the process. We had quite an extensive ‘to-do’ list and everything has pretty much been checked off the list with the exception of the final presentation being presented to the team, which in in the hands of Uttam. I extended the offer of assistance and asked if he needed more time so I’m waiting a response. Hopefully we should have a rough draft to view today/tomorrow with a view to uploading for submission on Friday. A day or so later than planned but still relatively on schedule.

I checked progress on the other two team’s forums and it would seem that they are nowhere close to submission! So I assume we have a little leeway. I plan to ask Joe for a definitive cut off point to this project so we can finalise and spend time on the next few activities before the end of the semester.

As this project is now drawing to a conclusion, I’ve spent some time looking back over the course of the last few weeks and evaluating the learning curve that I think we have all faced as a team. Overall this has been a mostly positive experience, for me at least. I would really hope that my team mates felt the same and I’d be very interested to discover their views on my management style and how I could improve as a team leader. I plan to reach out to everyone on an individual basis, again via email, and ask for feedback; as I think I can only grow as a team leader and team player by taking on board constructive criticism and making changes to improve myself.

DAY 59

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