DAY 57

As team facilitator I have tired to ensure that all team members feel included and valued and I was becoming increasingly aware that, as a team, we were underusing Julius’ photography skills so I came up with a few suggestions of how we could rectify this.

Firstly, I approached Julius on an individual basis, via email, to let him know my concerns and to make sure that he was on board with my proposals. I specifically did this, learning from my past experience to ensure others are involved in the decision making process and I am pleased that I did, as the response from Julius was one of welcoming. Secondly I approached Weaam and Dwijah via Basecamp with  my suggestions to include Julius’ work as part of the interior design visual and as a second webpage, complimenting Dwijah’s home page layout. Both team members were happy to take on the ideas and Weaam incorporated this almost straight away. I offered Dwijah my assistance as I knew she was also working on the layouts for 5 divider pages for the presentation and I didn’t want to overload her schedule and she was happy to take me up on the offer. So yesterday was spent creating a ‘featured artist’ page layout utilising Julius’ wonderful photography. Below are the results and I am very happy with the outcomes. I have had positive responses from both Weaam and Joe on this which has given me confidence that this was the right way to approach things. I hope that Julius will also appreciate my efforts, as his showcase looks superb!

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 10.09.38 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 10.22.32 PM


Fig 1-3. Winstanley. L (2015) Flock web page visuals

DAY 57

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