DAY 53

Last night’s informal meeting was very successful and we decided on quite a number of things. Julius was unfortunately unable to make the meeting so we agreed we would record the audio and I would forward this via drop box as we did with Uttam for the previous meeting. This seemed to work very well for us before and I hoped that the method would continue to offer clarity for all team members.

I also took the initiative to add a written meeting ‘recap’ on Basecamp to further ensure clarity. As this meeting was impromptu and informal, no minutes were taken; so I though it was an important step to record the outcomes and tasks. I specifically actioned this as there were a few occasions during the meeting where sound quality was poor and people seemed to misunderstand or not pay attention to the information being presented. This may have been down to English not being the first language and some miscommunication but I thought it wise to have a written record of what was agreed and also as a quick method for Julius to access the information rather than having to listen to the full meeting recording. This method seemed to work and so far everyone has either agreed in principle or remained silent, which I have taken as an agreement!

Below is the recap that I posted on Basecamp:

Hi everyone

I’ve uploaded the audio of tonight’s meeting to dropbox and emailed you the access link.
Just to recap
1. Colour pallet – We voted to go with Weaam’s original version
2. Order/content of the storyboard is agreed so far
We now have lots of good imagery to choose from thanks to Julius’ efforts
– need to harvard reference the images we use in final presentation
–  choose a ‘master’ image for the opening scene.
– Julius (assuming you agree!) to choose specific images to fill in the blank spaces on the current story board.
– Once final images agreed upon upload them as JPGs clearly marked for which slide for Uttam to put into main presentation
4. Dwijah to create a visual of a homepage for the flock website (visual only not functioning site)
5. Dwijah to work on 5 title/divider slides for the following:

  • Mission statement
  • Brand Character
  • Our space – Your space
  • Manifesto
  • Let’s Flock

The dividing slides are to be representative of the flock brand and all be cohesive in design
6. We are to record 6 languages for the Flock subcategories
Julius to record the English version first and upload as MP3 or WAV file for Uttam, setting the tempo for the rest. There should be one recording per language with a pause in between each word. Other than the English the word Flock should be said only one time at the beginning. The order of the words should be as follows:

  • Launches
  • Welcomes
  • Includes
  • Inspires
  • Educates
  • Loves

7. Background music should be subtle ambient electro
8. Lisa to create master logo file in all languages and correct colours
Uttam to forward Hindi at earliest convenience
9. Lisa to create wayfinding visual

Think that’s it! Let me know if I’ve missed anything

I am confident that our team will meet the deadline and complete all our respective tasks. As a team leader I have been very lucky in that my team members have been very agreeable and in general worked incredibly well together. There doesn’t seem to be any tension, that I am aware of, at least and I was expecting to have to play mediator at some point which so far has been very much unnecessary. I will check in individually with the team this week to ensure everyone is happy and that if there are any issues  I can help to smooth things along.

I have been working on the master logo file and I have somehow managed to be the French voice in our global team! Not quite sure how that happened hahaha! so I’ll have to brush up on my French skills and pronunciation. This will be tomorrow’s task alongside the creation of some wayfinding visuals. I am very much looking forward to producing these creative elements and feel this is where I shine far more so than in the role of team leader. Having said that, maybe I do shine as team leader; I just don’t enjoy it as much as the creative aspect of the work, so perhaps look upon it in a more negative manner. I’d like to think that I’m doing a good job, I’m certainly giving it my all but my heart is still very much with creating rather than organising others to do so.

DAY 53

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