DAY 50

I missed a day! I’m so disappointed! I really thought I could complete this diary on a daily basis but yesterday’s team Skype meeting ran until around 9:30pm Kuwait time after which  I made dinner and writing my diary post completely slipped my mind. It was only when I came to write today’s post that I realised I had forgotten. I’m usually so careful and this has now become a daily routine, so I’m annoyed at myself for letting this slip. I’ll just have to put this down to human error, admit I’m not a robot and get on with today’s post! Admitting I’m a fallible human being is not something I’m very good at, I try to be as efficient as possible and quite hard on myself when things don’t turn out as planned. Being kinder to myself is something I need to work on.

On a positive note, last night’s Skype meeting was very productive. We were a team member down as Uttam could not be contacted be we voted to press ahead as we are already quite behind schedule with this project. I suggested that we make an audio recording of the meeting so Uttam could catch up with what we discussed and this was unanimously approved by the team. I used Quicktime software to record our meeting and then distributed the resulting MP4 file via Dropbox for the whole team. This should also assist Dwijah in producing the team meeting minutes and should we require a further meeting it may be a good idea to repeat this process for that purpose.

Even with a team member down we were able to agree on many points on the agenda and we came up with a plan of action that seems to suit everyone and we all have specific tasks to focus on. I’m currently working on a storyboard for our presentation. I have never produced anything like this before and I am quite nervous about doing it as I’m not sure how to begin but I’ll start with some research and see where that leads me.

Weaam has produced some amazing illustrated visuals of how the Flock building should look and she has done a really good job. I love her line of thinking and the way she has incorporated the nest into the design. It’s exciting and fresh. Her work has inspired me to think about a way finding and signage system for the gallery to complement her artwork. That is, if there is time. I am conscious that time is running out quickly and we really need to move quickly. So this idea may have to remain just an an idea. I’ll play it by ear.

One thing I was a little disappointed about was that no-one seemed to have read over or viewed each others’ work prior to the meeting. That was rather frustrating as I was asking people to comment and they had no idea what I was talking about! The issue was resolved and I re-uploaded documents for review but it would have been much simpler if people had read the documentation as requested. Maybe I need to keep my uploads to a minimum so they don’t get lost or mark things as urgent. I’ll try this approach to make sure everyone is clear as to their responsibilities.

I’m now planning to spend the rest of the evening producing a storyboard and will post the results tomorrow.

DAY 50

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