DAY 46

I have just completed the 3rd Skype meeting with Team vermilion and it was very productive. We covered a lot of ground in a relatively short space of time and decided on a route we need to pursue.

I chaired the meeting and we followed the 10 point agenda as planned.

We discussed and voted on a logo for flock and the team chose option 3 from the choices I proposed with some modifications and colour adjustments. I am ok with this; as I mentioned in my previous post all 3 options I created were fairly decent but I would have preferred option 1 from a creative stand point. I’m a little disappointed but I went with the majority and I respect the team’s democratic choice.

As a team we also decided on a friendly tone of voice for the gallery but ensuring that it does not become childlike. We discussed and voted to create a video presentation incorporating photography, illustration and animation to illustrate the manifesto dynamically. We will create a storyboard once the manifesto has been drafted. I am really happy with this as I think it will allow everyone the opportunity to utilize their specialist skill set to benefit the team. I am confident  we can do a good job.

We allocated some specific tasks as follows:

  • Julius has agreed to write a team brief
  • Weaam has agreed to draft the manifesto itself and also to work on a illustrating a gallery floor plan
  • Dwijah will create a team mission statement
  • Uttam will work on animating the logo to encorporate Weaam’s idea that the letters should fly in and land.
  • I will edit the logo and prepare a draft  list of subcategories for flock

All this is to be complete by Sunday and we have scheduled another meeting for Sunday evening at 6pm. A very productive and concise meeting. Overall I am feeling positive and confident that we are working well as a team.

DAY 46

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