DAY 45


As planned, I created an agenda for this evening’s Skype team meeting. There are many points we need to discuss and I think we should aim to clarify many of the points today if possible.

First point on the agenda, is to discuss and vote on an identity for Flock. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post I created 3 logo options, all of which I think have potential. I have also had the change to review Weaam’s submission and her ideas are really good. She suggested to have the logo animated with the letters flying in and landing to spell the word. I think this is a great idea and would serve to strengthen the brand. Her colour scheme is also a good proposition and one to be seriously considered.  I am looking forward to seeing the other suggestions and getting feedback from the group. Hopefully we can vote and decide on a final option this evening and then allocate the identity development to someone. I’d really love that someone to be me but I’ll happily take a step back if my logo is not chosen and use this as an opportunity to facilitate the process.

The next point is to discuss, is the initial concept and to allocate someone to create a ‘brief’ for the team. I think we need to focus and create a specific concept/theme as what we have is too general now. By creating Vision and mission statements for Flock we can define Flock’s tone of voice and Flock’s target audience and what it is we hope to achieve. We also need to consider Who/what would be exhibited in our gallery

I personally think that more research needed in to the global gallery and what is changing in art galleries in general. I intend to suggest further team research by select members who will then report back to the team. It is also important to have an eye on the module guide and consider how our project will meet the requirements of the brief.

I’m looking forward to tonight’s meeting and to clarifying many of the points on the agenda. I’m sure this will be a productive day.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 2.37.17 PM















Fig 1. Winstanley. L (2015) Team agenda 5th August 2015



I have been working on the copy for my website and this is now finalised. I forwarded this to Mahmoud my web developer and he will add this to the finished site. I am still waiting to see the site and how I will manage the data base side of things and I am very exited by the prospect.

I had some very positive feedback from my tutor Tim on the initial visuals and this has given me real confidence that I am on the right track. I feel like this module has taken a back seat at the moment as I have been focusing more on Business perspective’s tasks. I plan to put in more work on Practice 2 for the rest of the week to even things up. I may sound silly but even though I have created a full working website this didn’t really seem like design work for me! Maybe because of the steep learning curve or maybe because I’m used to ending up with a tangible result’ I’m not entirely sure! but I feel like i have only done half a job, I don’t feel that there is a lot to show for the amount of work I put in, as it was all behind the scenes. I think once the website gets going I will feel more productive.

For now I have a number of things that I plan to work on:

  1. Prepare a case study on confessional websites
  2. Review publicity methods and prepare a marketing plan
  3. Review the web design against my manifesto for desirable design and seek feedback from peers and colleagues
  4. Create some artwork from the survey report for inclusion on the websire
  5. Look into producing prints and online sales options
  6. Research book formats and prepare a moodboard

I’d like to at least tick of 2 or 3 items on the list by the end of the week, that way I will feel like I have achieved something of value.


DAY 45

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