DAY 43

As a team we decided upon the name ‘Flock’ for our global gallery. This was suggested by Uttam but was also on my mindmap, so I am happy this was chosen as it indicates we share a similar train of thought. We also decided that those who wish should create some logo ideas and we can vote on these on Wednesday during the meeting. This was my suggestion, as I was aware I may have been taking over again, and wanted to rectify that behavior by giving others a voice! It’s not always easy for me to do that but I realise that it is key to the success of this project and something I need to continually work on.

After my research into manifestos and the definition of  what is considered ‘global’ I wrote a 9 point manifesto that for me encompasses what a global gallery should represent. I think this combined with the thoughts and ideas of the other team members will give us a solid starting point to begin the illustration and animation side of things. I do think we need to decide on a tone of voice for the gallery too, whether that be serious or more friendly and that will help dictate the brand and the way our manifesto is written. I’m airing on the friendly side (though definitely not childlike) as I think the name flock suggests a less formal approach than say the V&A.

Below is my manifesto:


  1. Art is a medium of self discovery
  2. Art that can only exist inside a gallery is not art
  3. We aim to create an experience, not just a visit
  4. Art belongs to everyone, everywhere
  5. As you learn from us, we learn from you: collaboration is key
  6. We connect the dots to align resources with talent
  7. We love all art forms
  8. We are a community and you are welcome to be part of it
  9. Four walls do not define us. Flock is free to fly
DAY 43

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