DAY 41

Today was team Vermilion’s second Skype meeting and once again we had a very successful discussion and concluded a number of points. As per the proposed agenda we individually discussed our personal preference from the three available options and put forward our rationale behind the choice. I offered to go first and spoke about my preference for the Global gallery; mainly as this could encompass elements of the future and historic gallery and therefore there would be no need for compromise.  It very much seems that we were are thinking along the same lines. Everyone took their turn to speak and we were all in unison that the global gallery would be the best way forward. I was pleasantly surprised that we were able to come to such a quick and efficient decision and that everyone was in agreement. I assumed that there would be objections or alternatives to vote on but it seemed that the vote was merely a formality. A great step in the right direction.

After the vote I proposed that we each write a short statement of how we view the global gallery and from there combine the 5 statements to give us one clear vision as a team. This suggestion was agreed upon with a deadline of Monday. During the meeting we discussed a number of points that we should consider in our statements and I uploaded these to Basecamp directly afterwards whilst they were still fresh in my mind. My thinking was that these points should be starting point in raising questions which, hopefully as a team, we can address in order to create a singular set of goals and objectives for the project. Below are the points we  discussed:

  • Business aspects of the gallery
    Consider funding options/ self sufficiency / co-operatives / charity/
    government funding
  • Creating a cultural hub – not just a display space
  • Educational Institution – Classes/lectures/ workshops
  • Ethical obligations – disabilities/ impairments – Art for all – inclusion
  • Space – online, physical, spaces
  • Who/what would be exhibited in our gallery and why
  • Potential names for the gallery. List a couple of options and your reasoning behind your choices

We also discussed creating an identity for the gallery;  I volunteered for the job and was happily accepted in the role by the team. I’m really pleased about this as it will give me the scope to mold the aesthetic from an art director’s perspective. Although, I will need to reign myself in and not take over the whole thing! I will be watchful of my old habits and really make sure that I consult before storming ahead!

We agreed that we would take some time to research the global gallery and come back with a more informed opinion on Wednesday, continuing the meeting. In hindsight the agenda was a little ambitious and splitting the meeting into 2 halves will serve to give us time to digest some information and get up to speed as a team. I’m pleased that we are all able to co-operate on meeting times so readily as I think we achieve such a lot in a relatively short space of time. I felt very positive after the meeting and we have some clearly defined tasks to achieve in the coming week.

This evening I have spent some time researching animated and illustrated manifestos via youtube as video was one of the options put forward as a possible outcome, that would encompass all our specialisms. I found a few interesting options, although I still think I need to conduct more research in to this type of medium. Below are some noteworthy animated/ film based manifestos.

Tomorrow I plan to begin research on gallery identities for inspiration and I am really looking forward to that challenge.


Christie, D. (2008). F.T. Marinetti’s Futurist Manifesto. Available at: [Accessed 1 Aug. 2015].

Eleni, P. (2014). Art Manifesto. Available at: [Accessed 1 Aug. 2015].

MOCA | The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, (2011). Marina Abramović: An Artist’s Life Manifesto | MOCA Gala 2011.Available at: [Accessed 1 Aug. 2015].

The Human Union Channel, (2008). The WHY CHEAP ART? Manifesto. Available at: [Accessed 1 Aug. 2015].

DAY 41

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