DAY 40

Prior to tomorrow’s Skype meeting I have been conducting some research into the notion of ‘the gallery’ and on the idea of a manifesto and what that could potentially mean for us as a team. Firstly I emailed Joe for some clarification and received a prompt response confirming that I was correct in my thinking. We are to choose one of either, global, future or historic and create our own illustrated manifesto around a hypothetical gallery based on that chosen theme. This would then be influenced/informed by the statement & gallery corresponding to that theme. For example: If we were to choose the historic option the we would create a manifesto on our idea of how a historic gallery should operate using the Mackintosh gallery as a benchmark.

After receiving this clarification I shared the information with the group and began to consider each of the themes. I am drawn to the option of the global gallery. I have asked the team to prepare their own rationales for their preferred option so we may discuss this at the meeting tomorrow. Below is my rational as to why I think the global gallery is the best option for team vermilion:

Having read over all 3 notions of the gallery, I am most drawn to the ‘Global Gallery’ as I think this resonates strongly with our globally diverse team; in turn promoting and nurturing cultural diversity. I feel strongly that art is for all and inclusion is deeply important; by focussing on creating a manifesto for a global gallery this would help to foster that collaborative notion by building inclusive frameworks for creative communities on both local and global scales.

I also believe that the global gallery is the most open of the three definitions, in that, a global gallery could encompass both futuristic and historical elements, thus accommodating everyone’s personal preference without compromise.

Some other points which will be discussed tomorrow include:

Discuss possible themes for the project
Business aspects of the gallery – Consider funding options/ self sufficiency / co-operatives / charity/ government funding
Creating a cultural hub – not just a display space
Educational Institution – Classes/lectures/ workshops
Ethical obligations – disabilities/ impairments
Art for all – inclusion
Space – online, physical, spaces
Once a decision has been made I think we need a period of research into what global/future/historic gallery means to us. I think we should then write out our definition of a global/future/historic gallery and what are the key elements that gallery should contain we can then combine these definitions to create one solid vision for the team as a whole.

Agree on an initial concept and someone to create a ‘brief’ for the team
Do we need a brand for our hypothetical gallery?
I love the idea of ‘exquisite corpse’  how could this be utilised?
I think we need a creative brief to describe our objectives, goals and potential outcomes. I’d like to volunteer to prepare this.

Discuss outcome possibilities and types of presentation options
What do we intend to produce?
Document/s  PDF etc.
Video – animation? Film?
Website or microsite
Pecha Kucha style presentation

Decide on specific tasks for specific people
Depends on what was agreed in previous points
I would like to work on creating a creative brief and developing an identity if possible.

Decide if further Skype meeting is required and if so when
I think next Saturday again same time.


My research has led me to find some interesting possibilities for ‘the gallery’ beyond it’s physical or spatial constraints. I came across the Red Bull Collective Art Exhibition which has allowed over 2000 artists from over 85 countries to collaborate on a huge piece of work in a similar vein to the ‘Exquisite Corpse’. Inclusion here on a global scale.

I also found the company ‘Bossa’ who created a marketing campaign for Coca Cola based on the idea of user-generated art. Could the notion of the gallery also include the public as artists?

Finally  I began to research the concept of manifesto and came across this website:

I’ll begin to digest this information and fully analyze the contents for discussion in tomorrow’s meeting, in which I am feeling very positive that we can build a good platform to move forward from.


coke wearable movie. (2013). [image] Available at: [Accessed 31 Jul. 2015].

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DAY 40

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