DAY 39

There has been much discussion on Basecamp today regarding the colour pallet of the Organogram. In order to speed things along and prevent Dwijha from going around in circles trying to please everyone. I created a couple of colour pallets that I thought would be suitable and offered a team vote to choose one final pallet between my 2 options and the 2 options Dwijah had produced. Hopefully this will result in a swift decision and save time and frustration for Dwijah.

I reached out to all team members individually via email to make sure I’m doing a decent job as team facilitator. I received 3 responses so far, all of which were very positive indeed. It is my hope that this will open a channel of communication that is founded on trust and mutual respect. I feel much happier that I’m not ‘taking over’ and giving everyone an equal voice in the team. I’m really doing everything I can to make this work and I’m hoping a solid foundation built now will benefit me and the team going forward.

I have also prepared a proposed agenda for the forthcoming 2nd meeting which I have shown below.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 9.23.53 PM
















Fig. 1. Winstanley. L. (2015) Meeting Agenda 2

I tried to include what was listed in the teaching material along with the suggestion that we all prepare a short rationale about our personal preference for the gallery project. Alongside some research of the themes in general. I think this will stand us in good stead to discuss options as a group and give everyone the opportunity to voice their opinion. The final choice will be by majority vote as per our team operating agreement.

I now plan to read over the material and make my choice based upon that reading and further research.


DAY 39

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