DAY 38

Most of time has been spent with my family today and so I will keep this post relatively short. However, I have made progress in both modules.


I messaged Joe yesterday to question if my involvement on the team reports was sufficient. I am not producing a singular document but rather playing a more managerial role as facilitator and finisher. I was pleased to receive a reply today confirming that my involvement as a manager and providing the branding for the team is suffice to meet the requirements of the brief. A big relief.

We have also made progress as a team with lots of dialogue on basecamp resulting in some great work being produced. Everyone seems to be gelling together well and taking all constructive criticism as exactly that; constructive. As per yesterday’s post I emailed everyone individually and hopefully this will give the team an added sense of support and that I am listening to them on a personal level.


I met with Mahmoud, the Kuwaiti web designer today and signed the agreement for him to start work on my website. He is very straightforward to deal with and we went through the list of my requirements and he was open and honest about what was achievable and what would be better alternatives. I appreciate his honesty and direct can-do attitude. I am sure this collaboration will yield successful results. We have placed a 3 week maximum time limit on the project but he is aiming to get this up and running within 2. I can’t hide my excitement over this. My first live webdesign project. I now have the daunting task to promote the website and engage an audience for the site. Onwards!

DAY 38

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