DAY 37


This morning yielded some good results for the team project. I uploaded the potential logo design (shown in yesterday’s post) for review and it was met with very positive responses. From there I uploaded a  brand folder including JPGs, PDFs and ai. files so everyone has access to the documents for their personal use.

I also worked on an idea to produce team member profile pages for inclusion in the report. I think they look great, but I’ll wait to receive feedback. I understand this task was an extra but I do see it as an extension of the organogram. I sometimes worry if I’m taking over a bit too much; I certainly hope that’s not the case but I know I want things to be perfect so I just go off and do them, perhaps I should discuss my ideas before I implement them. In fact I’ll rephrase that to ‘I definitely should discuss my ideas before I implement them.’ I see this now and I’ll keep this in mind as our team progresses. I want to be a good team leader not a take over and do everything myself leader!

I also plan to reach out to the team members individually via email and see if there is anything they need help with. I’ll ask them to be candid about my role and my participation so far. Maybe I’ll get a more honest response if it’s one on one. I may even send out an anonymous  survey using survey monkey or survey planet to review my contribution to the group but I’ll leave this till a little later along in the project. I believe continuous improvement is a must and if I gain better leadership skills through taking on board constructive criticism then all well and good.

Team profiles

Fig. 1. Winstanley. L. (2015) Team Profiles


I have been working hard on the website layout and functionality over the past few days and have made excellent progress. I have also discovered some real limitations using Adobe Muse as it doesn’t create responsive  websites. If I want the site to function on a mobile device and tablet, I need to work using 3 separate layouts. This is time consuming and not necessarily the way I wanted to go. I did begin to create a mobile layout which was looking OK but I have since had talks with a potential web designer n the UK and he would be able to create a responsive site albeit at an extra fee.

I have since spoken to the Kuwaiti based designer, whom I had discounted as I assumed the fee would be far too small an amount for him. However, he has confirmed he is willing to do the job for a set fee of 100KD in order to expand his portfolio! I am so happy with this; I have someone on board who is exited enough by my project to want to work for almost nothing just to get involved! WOW! I have accepted his offer and have requested a meeting tomorrow to discuss the finer details of the project. I’m very exited.

Here is a work in progress version of the site so far.

It is best viewed on a desktop as the mobile site is not active.

DAY 37

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