DAY 35

I have conducted a little research in order to assist my team members in creating the 4 reports that we are to produce and I found some articles, documents and visuals that may be of help. I also offered assistance in an open ended way so this is open for team members to approach me for help.

Below is the message and links I provided for my team.

Weaam and Dwijah, here are some wonderful examples of creative flow charts and oganograms which are far more visually appealing than the standard rectangular box word/excel templates! Some food for thought:

Here is an article with a freebie worksheet on communication planning. Not sure how useful it is but thought it was worth a read.

I will take a look at the document you have already uploaded now, you may well be ahead of me!  Nevertheless here is a link to download a PDF with detailed info on team operating agreements. Skip to page 13 and there is some very useful info.

I received positive feedback from a number of team members, indicating that I’m doing a good job in a supportive role thus far. Julius and Weaam have both uploaded documents and I plan to review and give feedback asap tomorrow. Tomorrow I also aim to try to create a brand guide for the team so we can all work in a cohesive manner. Again a positive day for the team project.

DAY 35

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