DAY 34

Another productive day for the Business Perspective’s module. Today was the first Skype team meeting and I feel it was very successful. I mentioned in my previous post that I was quite nervous and, at first, I was, but those initial nerves quickly subsided when I realised how friendly and co-operative everyone was. There were a few technical issues with one team member unable to join the group call at first, but these were quickly resolved. Due to this we did began the meeting 15 minutes later than planned, but it gave us time to chat informally and this set the tone for a relaxed and comfortable meeting.

All the issues on the agenda were addressed in order and we were able to agree on all items relatively quickly and easily. I proposed that, as a team, we produce all 4 report documents with four people taking one report each and the fifth person facilitating/researching/proof reading and finalising the documents to create a cohesive look. This proposal was unanimously accepted and I will take up the role of facilitator and finisher with Weaam taking the Oganogram, Dwijah, the project timeline, Julius, the Team Operating Agreement and Uttam. the Communication Management Plan. I am pleased with our ability to distribute the tasks efficiently and I am hopeful that this will set the precedent for the forthcoming Gallery Project.

The next topic for discussion was to determine roles within the team. I was nominated as team leader and was more than happy to take this role. Everyone agreed to write a ‘job description’ paragraph detailing their individual skills and their responsibilities as part of the team. I think this will help us determine who is suited best for each role and we can attribute more formal titles from there on in.

I proposed the following communications protocol

  1. Basecamp is the primary source of communication
  2. Response should be within 24 hours – not necessarily action just acknowledgement of message.
  3. Voting should be majority rather than unanimous
  4. A second Skype meeting should be held in a week, to review progress and discuss Gallery options.

This was all agreed upon with this addition of setting up a facebook group for the team as a further point of communication. Overall this was a very smooth running and problem free meeting in terms of decision making and I am feeling very positive moving forward with team vermilion.

DAY 34

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