DAY 32


I met with a web designer yesterday and this morning I received a project request confirmation document, listing all the things we discussed during the meeting. This document can be viewed below (fig. 1). There are many aspects of this online project that I had not considered and were brought to light during this meeting such as:

  • Admin-side data management
  • Email notifications
  • Database integration

Harvesting the data is something that is incredibly important and something I have no idea how to go about implementing. It is therefore perhaps wise that this project become a collaborative one. I could take courses or spend time on the internet searching how to do all these things but this would take time and this is something I don’t have much of.

I suggested that I would design the site as much as possible using Adobe Muse and then pass on the files for the web-designer to fill in the gaps so-to-speak but I was told that this would in fact be more work for the web-designer and he preferred to start from scratch. I’m still not convinced that this is the way forward but I’m aware that I need to make a decision and soon. I’ll consider my options and my finances and come to a solid decision this evening.

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 2.01.10 PM
















Fig. 1. Tahan, M. (2015). Web Design. [email].



Saturday 25th July 2015 at 1pm is now confirmed as our 1st team meeting, Basecamp is confirmed as our project management software of choice,  we have a confirmed meeting agenda and a volunteer for taking meeting minutes.

I feel very positive and very pleased that we were able to agree and organise this in a relativity trouble free manner. This really points to good team communication and the beginnings of establishing a team rapport which is exactly I was hoping for. My initial worries have been alleviated. Hopefully this also reflects, somewhat, my ability to organise and co-ordinate. I’ve never really considered my role as a leader, even though I head the graphic design department at work. I do usually like to have a second in command close at hand and I rely heavily on the input and advise of others. Thinking about it though perhaps that’s what being a good leader is all about? I certainly don’t want to blow my own trumpet too soon in this project so I’ll judge my leadership abilities at this end of this endeavor and just say that so far so good!


DAY 32

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