DAY 31

I can’t believe that I’ve consistently kept a daily diary for a whole month!  This is a first for me and I’m quite proud of myself. I have to say that the act of writing a daily entry has now become an almost habitual event; I do have some days when I find it a chore, but on the whole the process of documenting my thoughts and progress (or lack thereof!) has been a pleasurable and valuable experience. I have also found myself writing directly to my blog rather than writing out a first draft on paper, which is something I did not envisage happening. Nevertheless, here I am typing away with no notes to follow and it seems to be working! I may have to be dragged in to the 21st century kicking and screaming but I’ll get there eventually!

Today has seen progress in both the Business Perspectives and Practice 2 modules. I’ll deal with Business perspectives first:

Finally the fifth person in our team has begun corresponding. This is such a relief, and things are really moving along now. Basecamp has been agreed upon and I’ve suggested that we use this as a primary source of communication after our first Skype meeting. With regards to the meeting, Friday now looks likely to be rescheduled to Saturday at 1pm. Hopefully everyone can agree on this date and time and we can begin making some real decisions about team protocol. My proposed agenda has also been met with a positive response and I finally feel like we are getting somewhere.

As for Practice 2, I have been making some head way with Adobe Muse and I’m enjoying the learning experience but I have found it a steep learning curve. There seems to be quite a few functional things that I’d like my website to be able to achieve that I have no idea how to do using Muse. I am trying to Google the answers but I’m not really sure that I’m asking the right questions so I’m drawing a blank. I met with another web designer this evening and gave him the details of my project. He seemed to think that it would be easier for him to start from scratch to create the site than to use what I’ve already done in Muse. I’m waiting for a price and timescale before I commit to anything. I am disappointed that I am not able to figure this out for myself and have to resort to a third party but I feel like I’m out of my depth and the information is not forthcoming. I plan to sleep on this and see where I can go from here with a clear head tomorrow.

DAY 31

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