DAY 30

I’m feeling far more positive today. There has been a flurry of responses on the team forum with the majority of members discussing and co-operating well. A big relief! We have managed to democratically agree on using Basecamp as our preferred project management software. Three from the five voted Basecamp with 2 still left to vote, but going by the majority, Basecamp wins and I’m also very pleased about that as it was my preferred option.

Between three team members, we’ve also managed to pencil in a Skype meeting on Friday at 1pm UK time. Although this is still to be confirmed by the other two group members I am hopeful that this will go ahead. Hence, there is a lot to do; I have prepared a first draft agenda for the meeting and I plan on posting this to the forum shortly for discussion before Friday’s meeting. Things are far more productive and organised now and this is where I am happy and confident. Decisively, I do think I need to learn to be more patient; its most definitely a quality I need to work on and I’m sure this project will facilitate that!

I do have one small concern, in that, one team member is completely off the radar and has been for 5 days, which is a little disconcerting. I find this really unprofessional during a team project as we are basically waiting on this person’s input before we can proceed further. I have repeatedly requested an email address but the request has either not been seen (which is my guess) or ignored (which I really hope not). I’ll have to put on my diplomatic hat and practice patience until this can be resolved, I’d usually give the benefit of the doubt here, thinking illness or personal issues may have affected their ability to correspond but when this person is posting pictures of partying, on facebook I can’t help but be slightly annoyed . I plan to contact our tutor for advise regarding this matter, should there still be no response in the morning but I can’t help feeling slightly disappointed by having to do that, we are all adults after-all. I’m sure there is an explanation and this will all be forgotten shortly.

Back to a positive note. Below is the proposed agenda which I’ll now post to the forum.

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 8.57.58 PM

Fig. 1. WInstanley. L. (2015) Team meeting agenda

DAY 30

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