DAY 29

I am feeling a little frustrated at the lack of response in the team forum. I realise everyone is busy and has other commitments but having kept an eye on the communications of the other teams it seems they are all communicating well yet from our team I am the only one fully engaging with this project at the moment. I have made some suggestions outlined in the post below so hopefully this can be addressed shortly. We definitely need to agree a protocol for communication as I can feel myself beginning to stress already!

Firstly, I’ve set up projects on Basecamp and Trello for us all to access and experiment with including our Tutor Joe, so he can be kept in the loop. All except for Dwijah as I don’t have your email address, please could you let me have this and I can add you to the team projects? Thanks

Secondly, For our first virtual meeting I think Wednesday seems to be out for a few people so how about Friday 24th at 4pm UK time? As I mentioned I’m off work so I can pretty much fit in with everyone else. If this date and time is not suitable please suggest some alternatives. Having fully read the support materials now, I think Wednesday was a little premature anyway!

I think we should action the following as soon as we can:
1. Vote on using Basecamp or Trello as our preferred project management software
2. Set a date and time for the virtual meeting (proposed 24th July at 4pm UK time)
3. Plan an agenda for agreed meeting
4. Decide upon roles within the team

If there is anything I have missed out please add or omit šŸ™‚

Having looked at both Basecamp and trello, I personally found Basecamp easier to use, everything was displayed and nothing hidden. Although Trello is much prettier I was left very confused by the interface. On my mobile phone it works fine but on my Laptop (Mac) I can’t even figure out how to add a card! So my vote is with Basecamp but I’m happy to go with the majority.

I am hoping that by tomorrow, as a team, we can decide at least on a team work application and begin something!

DAY 29

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