DAY 27

I have been focusing on activity 5, for the Practice 2 module, and embarking upon more in-depth research into current issues and debates within the field of graphic design. I began this activity with a myriad of things in mind; my prior research into innovation in graphic design documented many interesting and exiting changes and I believe that in a mere matter of years, graphic design will have become an entirely different beast to what we know today. With this in mind there were so many potential issues that could be discussed but I decided to narrow the focus to 4 areas that I could personally benefit from investigating further. These were as follows:

  • Design competitions: The latest D&AD awards resulted in Graphic Design receiving no pencil awards what-so-ever. Is graphic design standard at an all time low or has the D&AD failed in its obligation to extend a hand to the graphic design industry?
  • Certification of Graphic Design: Should there be a standardized level of certification to practice as a designer, as in some Scandinavian countries? Would this lead to increased professional standards within the industry?
  • Plagiarism vs Inspiration: This is a topic which is all important, especially in my region. Where does one draw the line? Should there be harsher consequences for those are are deemed to have plagiarised?
  • The specialist vs the Generalist. Should a designer be a jack of all trades or a master of one?

As it directly affects my current situation as a designer, it is the latter point that I plan to investigate further.

There seems to be a trend and real demand for designers with a T- Shaped skill set and I began to investigate what this metaphor for knowledge represents in real terms. I created the schematic below to demonstrate my understanding of this principle.

I am still reading, unearthing information and synthesizing this data. Tomorrow’s post will hopefully cast more light on this debate.

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 9.40.14 PM

Fig 1. Winstanley. L. (2015) T-shaped skill set diagram

DAY 27

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