DAY 26

Trello vs Basecamp

Yesterday I began the next phase of the teamwork project. I began by researching virtual project management software and how they could help us work as team. After reviewing a few options I found the application Basecamp and suggested this to the team via the forum. Another team member also suggested Trello. I did a bit more digging and found a comparative website the reviewed the 2 options head to head. Trello seemed to outdo Basecamp on a number of options so it seemed wise to look into this a bit more and obviously respect the suggestion of another team member at the same time.

Therefore today I set up a test project in both applications, with the idea that we can play around and test these out as a team and then vote on the preferred option democratically. Having briefly tested both options, I have to say, I really dislike Trello! It’s interface is just messy and not at all intuitive. I’m still figuring out how to do the real basics like add a card and it all seems hidden and hard to find. I just don’t like it at all! Basecamp, however, seems very straightforward; everything is where you would expect it to be nothing hidden from view or hard to find. I want to voice my opinion directly but don’t want to come across as being dictatorial or bossy!  Especially as trello was not my suggestion. We are still very much finding our way as a team and I think testing the water as to how everyone interacts, I’m keen to show my organizational skills and be a real pro-active team player but very aware that I have a tendency to be very matter-of-fact and I don’t want this to be seen as a negative thing. I’ll have to tread carefully and allow others to voice their opinions.

I am also a little disappointed by the general lack of urgency from the team. I’m so keen to get started and get organised. Perhaps I’m being a little impatient! Looking back over the course of my studies so far, I have noticed that I can become stressed and overwhelmed when things are not planned and organised properly. I am hoping that this project will run smoothly and the stress levels remain manageable. We definitely need some structure to this team and to agree on communication protocols from the offset to minimise any difficulties.

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DAY 26

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