DAY 24

I’m in the process of preparing a new study plan and action plan to accommodate the extra work involved in designing a functioning website. This is still ongoing and I plan to complete it by tomorrow. I’m feeling a little less stressed as I now have a focus and a way forward. Just need to figure out the logistics of it all!

This morning I tackled activity 8 of the Business Perspectives module. There were a series of quite personal questions and I was expected to answer 2 from the list. I was immediately drawn to 2 questions in particular, as I felt I could answer them both honestly. I did feel a little exposed, as the questions prompted quite an intimate response. At first I wasn’t sure if I should edit my answers so they were less, raw, for want of a better word. But ultimately I decided to share what I had written reasoning that the whole point of this exercise was to get to know each other on a more personal level.

In answering the questions I had a small, personal eureka moment! I have often questioned my love for opposites; more so given that my current research is all about lies and truth, minimal and maximal. It occurred to me that my personality is, in fact, quite contradictory at times. I’m half in and half out of my shell so-to-speak. I can be very introverted or very extroverted it really depends on the day. I believe that it is these opposing personality traits that create my equal love for  introverted, minimal design and the extrovert in me loving the more extravagant, contemporary, decorative styles. So for me this exercise has been about more than sharing with others but also very revealing to myself.

Below is my response to this activity.

What aspects of your personality contributes most to your friendships?
I tend to be the peace–keeper, the go–between. I really don’t like conflict and I always try to find the good in every situation; I think my friends sometimes look to me for a sense of calm. I don’t often lose my temper, externally at least! And it takes a hell of a lot to make me flip! So I think I’m able to offer a voice of reason in times of stress or difficulty.

I can sometimes be a totally introverted or incredibly extroverted it really depends on the day. I’m either busy doing crazy stuff or quietly reading a book. I’d like to hope that my friends value both sides of my personality and take me as I am. Just writing this had made me consider if this is the reason behind my love for opposites! There you go, a self revelation! hahaha!

My friends are very dear to me. Being thousands of miles away from home, I consider a lot of my friends as surrogate family; with many of them in a similar situation to me. It’s a bond that I really cherish. I have a real multicultural circle of friends; a mixture of races, creeds and cultures and I try to be respectful of people’s beliefs and traditions. Learning about our differences brings us closer, don’t you think? I love to try new things, taste new foods, visit new places, explore a little and having such a diverse group of friends really helps me to do just that. I am far, far from perfect but acceptance, patience and understanding are qualities that I do my best to nurture and develop everyday.

What soothes your soul when you’re having a bad day?
I’m lucky enough to live by the sea and, other than the ridiculously hot months of July and August, I spend a lot of time at the beach. Usually in the early morning or early evening when it’s cooler and quieter. I like to walk barefoot on the sand and watch the ocean’s hypnotic ebb and flow. It’s somewhere I truly feel alive.

It’s even better if my daughter is with me. Just seeing her smile and play makes my day complete. It doesn’t matter what mood I’m in, Clara just has to hold my hand or say, “I love you mummy”, and all my cares are gone. For these moments of peace I’m truly grateful.

DAY 24

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