DAY 23

After careful consideration I have decided that I will attempt to create my own online portal rather than collaborate with a third party web designer. This was not an easy choice, but one that after much deliberation and self evaluation I believe is the best choice for this project to move forward. Having spoken with a number of web designers I soon came to realize that even with me providing the design the coding part would take time and cost money. A lot more money than I had hoped. So I am taking on this challenge myself.

I reviewed a number of options in order to do this. I considered wordpress, weebly, wix, squarespace, all online website builders, which provide templates that can be adapted to suit specific requirements. I reviewed each of these individually and also checked comparative review sites to gauge the opinions of other professionals. I was all set to begin wix when my tutor recommended Adobe Muse. I viewed some videos, downloaded a 30 day trial version from the Adobe website and attempted a few step-by-step tutorials. The platform operates much in the same way as Adobe Indesign, which makes perfect sense for me as I feel very comfortable with the interface. Muse appears to offer a natural progression from print to web design. I think this is the way forward!

This will be a steep learning curve and I know that I need to totally re-evaluate my action plan to allow MUCH more time for this but I am eager to get started and see what I can do! I love a challenge and at the offset of this one I feel like an intrepid explorer into the unknown! A little dramatic, granted, however I do feel very positive about not really knowing what I’m doing! Not sure if this is a good thing! Time will surely tell.

Below are the links to the videos and tutorials that have assisted in my decision making process today.


Today I also began the teamwork section for the business perspectives module. I have been quite apprehensive about this as past experience tells me that teamwork activities don’t always run smoothly but having seen my team I am confident that we can pull this off relatively unscathed! I am on Team Vermillion with my fellow team members as follows:

Julius Smit – Photography
Weaam Sperinck – Illustration
Dwijah Seetohul – Graphic Communication
Uttam Kumar – Graphic Communication

I completed the first introductory task, Activity 7, as have the majority of my team members which is a promising start. I plan to work on Activity 8 this evening and tomorrow morning and upload as soon as possible. I also need to allocate some time to read over the support materials for this section fully. I have skimmed but I want to give myself at least a few hours to read and digest the tasks ahead. Again I am feeling positive about this module and I intend to give my best to ensure team Vermillion is as successful as possible.

My to-do list is becoming increasingly long, as I have yet to begin activity 5 for Practice 2 module, I have 2 case studies that I plan on writing, reading to catch up on and my daily creative task has been abandoned in favor of webdesign today. I am very much aware that  I need to prepare a new action plan and study schedule to accommodate all this extra web design work. As usual, I am feeling rather overwhelmed by it all and I know I will continue to do so until I prepare an achievable plan. Decisively this will be my first task in the morning and I hope this will allow me to focus and excel in the tasks ahead.


Adobe, (2015). How to create a website with Adobe Muse. Available at: [Accessed 14 Jul. 2015].

Adobe, (2015). Import SVG. Available at: [Accessed 14 Jul. 2015].

Adobe, (2015). Introduction to Adobe Muse. Available at: [Accessed 14 Jul. 2015].

DAY 23

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