DAY 22


There was some doubt as to whether I would be able to secure a face–to–face interview with my first, second or even, third choice company. However, after a, somewhat, stressful offset to this project, I believe my perseverance and pro–active stance in engaging with industry paid off. The end result was most certainly worth the initial struggle.

The interview itself took place on Thursday 9th July at 10:00am at Lines Consultancy in Hawally, Kuwait. With Ms Inji Darwish, Lines’ Head of Branding. We began by taking a tour of the office and introductions to key personnel, such as the Managing Director and the other heads of department. Myself and Inji then proceeded to the meeting room to commence the recorded interview.

Having met Inji professionally, on more than one occasion, we were both relaxed and I knew her manner was not overly formal, hence, I approached the interview as more of a detailed conversation than a formal line of questioning. I wanted the questions to flow and perhaps deviate down a different route than I had anticipated; on the whole this was what happened however, there were some occasions when the topic didn’t lead comfortably on to the next and it became a little stop, start in places. Upon reflection I could have ordered my questions differently or added in transitional questions to encourage a more flowing conversation.

I was also very conscious of how much time I was taking up and I perhaps rushed to the next question rather than really listening to the answer and developing the conversation from there. However, these points were a minority and the vast majority of the interview went well, providing great insight and information about the company’s structure and strategies. It was refreshing to hear about their innovative creative processes and their can–do mentality. A rare treat in Kuwait it would seem!

Conclusively, this experience has certainly been a steep learning curve and I have had to be resourceful and call in a number of favours in order to ensure that this was a successful endeavour. Nevertheless this project has been incredibly worthwhile and I have gained a great deal of insight into the working practices of a successful design studio operating in the developing Kuwaiti market. With the added bonus of expanding my creative network and being invited back as a guest speaker to provide an insight into my own creative process and strategies. I intend to use this opportunity to further develop this professional relationship and to forge new ones alongside it.

DAY 22

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