DAY 19

I had planned to write a more in depth review on my visit to lines today but the transcribing process is taking far longer than I had anticipated! My interview took around 25 minutes and so far after 1 hour, I’ve transcribed only 5 of those! I have a late night ahead! So rather than the post I planned to write (which I will do asap) I thought I would share some research I have been doing on an innovative American design studio, The Ammunition Group.

One of the first lines of enquiry I undertook whilst researching innovative practice was to review, not only, what new innovations were at the forefront of the creative industries, but who, it was that was doing the innovating.

The San Francisco based, product, service and branding design agency, Ammunition Group, was a name that repeatedly occurred on my search lists. Hence, I decided to dig a little deeper. Ammunition, was recently named by Fast Company, the most innovative in Design 2015, beating Apple to first place and upon researching further it was clear to see why. Whilst many design agencies were feeling the economic pinch Ammunition came up with an innovative strategy that allowed them to thrive. According to Tischler. (2015). of Fast Company Magazine, Ammunition “frequently partners up with clients as equity holders, so that brands feel as if the design studio is also part of the house.”

This innovation in business strategy has allowed Ammunition to evolve with the industry rather than be dismissed in favour of the, ever popular, in-house design team. An astute business move. By investing in the equity of the company clients would then be obliged to use their services. A win-win situation for Ammunition.

One of Ammunition’s 3 partners is Brett Wickens and he is perhaps one of the main reasons behind their continued success. His decorated career spans over 30 years working with the likes of Perter Saville, Pentagon and Erik Spiekermann’s MetaDesign. Wickens throughout his career has been at the forefront of design so it would seem a natural progression that Ammunition would follow suit. Quoted from an interview with Andy Butler (2015) of DesignBoom, Wickens stated,

“I’d increasingly felt that the future of creating value through design was going to be about the combination of physical products, strategy and digital/print graphic design, and ammunition embodied the same spirit”.

This multidisciplinary approach has led Ammunition to become a leader in their field, regarded by many as ‘change-agents’ It would seem that for an inspirational work ethic, business acumen and an enviable client list Ammunition are the ones to watch.


Fig 1

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 9.49.49 PM

Fig 2

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 9.50.07 PM

Fig 3

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DAY 19

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