DAY 18

Today has been busy, challenging, tiring but most of all fun! I spent the morning at Lines Creative Consultancy and had the pleasure of interviewing Inji Darwish, followed by a tour of the studio and an in-depth conversation with Mr Shady Ashour, the head of Interior Design. It was an incredibly worthwhile experience which gave me a valuable insight into the workings of a Middle Eastern multidisciplinary design studio.

I plan to write a much more in-depth analysis of my visit for tomorrow’s post, once I have had time to fully digest the information and review the interview recording but I wanted to get a few thoughts down whilst they were still fresh in my mind.

There was a definite team dynamic about the place; even down to the office structure itself the sense of a collaborative, supportive network was evident, which I found very refreshing. There was also a sense of urgency; I was made aware that there were a few deadlines looming which may have explained this but everyone was incredibly busy and engrossed in their work, which for an Arabic studio, somewhat surprised me. There is a certain stereotypical image of a laid back atmosphere where everything can be done later, which I had, wrongly, assumed would be the general consensus in an Arabic working environment, creative or not. Finding that my assumption was not correct gave me a real boost, in that the creative industry in Kuwait has at least one company with a can-do, goal driven attitude!

There are many other points I’d like to discuss but I will take some time to collect my thoughts and evaluate my suppositions and bring this post to a close.

To be continued…

DAY 18

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