DAY 17

Adobe CreativeSync

I have been researching innovative practice, technology and design thinking strategies as part of Activity 5 for the Practice 2 Module. Below are my finding on the lastest technological advances from Adobe.

As a graphic designer in 2015, it would be almost impossible to work without the aid of Adobe Creative Cloud. So when Adobe announces new technology and advances in the ways we work, it would seem to become incredibly important to move with these innovations and adaptations in order to expand our creative potential and streamline our creative process. This is exactly what Adobe aim to do with CreativeSync.

According to Julia Sagar (2015) commissioning editor at Creative Bloq, Adobe CreateSync is a,

“bespoke technology that intelligently syncs files, photos, fonts, vector graphics, brushes, colours, settings, metadata and more. This means that creative assets are instantly available, in the right format, across desktop, web and mobile apps. In short: wherever designers need them.”

Having viewed CreativeSync’s capabilities online it does have some incredibly compelling features. One of which, is it’s support for the introduction of Adobe Stock; an online image library where millions of images can be viewed and synced using this new technology, directly into your Adobe software as either a preview or licensed image, upon purchase. This is also the case with Adobe Typekit where fonts can be synced in the same manner and used across all your devices, making designing on your smart phone a far more appealing possibility. As files are now replaced by “assets” (Gourdol, 2015) editing on the desktop will automatically update that asset for web use or use on a tablet or mobile device. Making transitioning between platforms incredibly easy and non destructive.

Whilst this is wonderful news in order to streamline work-flow easily and readily across hardware and through various software. It does beg the question of necessity. Would I actually use all these options? is there anything wrong with my work-flow process as it is? I’m not so sure that I, personally, would utilise even half of what is on offer. Perhaps, in the same way that I use less than half the features of my smartphone.

I am sure that many people will have a work-flow that revolves around flitting between tablet, Android device and desktop; however, I tend to work by hand, photograph my sketches and then transfer the images directly to my desktop. Is what I am doing wrong somehow? Am I missing an opportunity here? Is my work-flow lacking? I’m not fully convinced that it is, but I am willing to at least try to adapt in order to increase productivity. It could be time for a change.


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DAY 17

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