DAY 16

Good news! I finally managed to speak with Inji from Lines and I have confirmed a time and date for the interview to take place. I am so pleased! Inji offered her apologies for the delay in responding and explained that she had been waiting for confirmation from her boss and for the Non Disclosure Agreement to be drafted. She also confessed that due to shorter working hours during Ramadan and people operating at snails pace whilst fasting, I was pushed to the back of the list. Thankfully my persistence paid off and the date is set.

I’ve arranged to go on in Thursday at 10am Kuwait time and I’ll be shadowing her for the morning followed by an interview. I feel so relieved as none of the people I contacted yesterday have replied, so I would have been really panicking if this had not come through. Now this has been organised I can look back at how I approached this task and overall I am quite pleased with how I handled the situation. I was proactive and tried to find solutions rather than dwell on problems, which is something I have been guilty of in the past. This activity has been a real learning curve in raising my awareness of the way things operate in Kuwait, which is usually last minute and off-the-cuff. I have no idea how people operate their businesses during Ramadan as the whole country seems to grind to a halt, but I’m sure I’ll gain more valuable insights on this during Thursday’s meeting. I’m feeling very positive and excited at the prospect.

I’ve also been speaking with a web designer today, discussing requirements for my online lie confession portal. I had already sent a detailed brief of my requirements but there were a few points that needed addressing. For example, we discussed if the site would be mobile friendly and if this is to be a non profit venture. I was quoted a ball park figure of 250 to 300KD (around 550-650GBP) for the work, which was rather more than I was expecting. In fact I have no idea what amount I was expecting but that was far more than I hoped for. I have one more person still to quote but if their price is anything like this I may have to look at putting this together myself. I initially approached a web designer as a time saving mechanism; I am aware it would take me a long time to learn the skills in order to put this together myself and I thought this would be the easiest option. It may well be easy but not affordable. I need to seriously consider my options.

The last point for today’s post, is a quick review of my progress in this week’s challenge to create a drop cap each day for the numbers 1 through 7. Today is day 3 and so far it’s going well. I am really enjoying the process and hopefully what I am creating can be utilised in some way in my 2 books. As always I have wrote far more than I intended (sorry examiners!) but I am really enjoying logging my experiences and the words just seem to flow. I promise a few shorter posts to come!

DAY 16

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