DAY 15

I still haven’t managed to contact Lines. They are not responding to my emails or calls. I’ll make one last attempt tomorrow and then I’ll have to admit defeat. Which is not something I like to do! I have been proactive and contacted a number of other companies whom I’m hopeful will oblige.The difficult part it is to find someone willing to participate who both speaks English and is in the country at this time of year. I will persist in my endeavor.

I’ve sent out 4 emails to companies or individuals who I have had contact with previously, or who have been recommended to be via my creative network. These are as follows:

A+ Graphic design studio

AIO Graphic design studio

Ahmed Al Rashid Graphic designer

Think Different Advertising agency
(no online presence) brand new company in Kuwait

I do have other options, architects, an architectural hub, an artist and even a graffiti artist but I’d prefer to interview someone closely related to my own field, rather than someone on the periphery, if at all possible.

It’s all rather frustrating and If I’m honest I’m starting to panic a little now. I hate not being in control. That probably says a lot about me and my control freak attitude! If only this activity could have been done earlier in the year, I would have been spoiled for choice. Yet now I feel I’ll interview anyone just to get it out of the way! Having said all that, I wont allow this to get me down and one way or another I’ll find a solution.

DAY 15

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