Third post today! I’m not entirely sure if this is a good or bad thing but today has been productive in many respects so writing and reflecting seemed a natural repercussion. I took the stance to be proactive in my search for a company to interview. I have a terrible feeling that Lines are going to back out. I’m not certain why, but my gut tells me to come up with a plan B. Ergo I reached out to Zahed Sultan and Nuqat my 2nd and 3rd choices, respectively. It would seem that luck is not with me and both Sultan and Wakim Zeiden, the founder of Nuqat, are out of the country, however, Zeiden kindly offered an email and/or Skype Interview as an alternative. I plan to email my tutor to inquire if this is something I should consider as I am keen to meet the requirements of the brief and meet the learning objectives for the module and I’m not sure if an email or Skype interview would tick all the boxes.

Nevertheless, I am considering conducting an email interview with Zeiden regardless of whether I am able to secure a face-to-face interview elsewhere. Nuqat are key players in the Kuwaiti creative industry so, from a personal standpoint, an insight into their business strategy would be invaluable, regardless of whether the subsequent report would be deemed as adequately covering the learning objectives.

I anticipated that finding my chosen contacts, in Kuwait, at this time of year would be an issue, hence I came up with a plan C and D just in case! I contacted two designer friends, Aziz Daud, an Architect and Romain Danger, an artist and designer. They were able to give me contacts for an architectural creative hub AOK (Architects of Kuwait) and also a freelance architect in Kuwait. Whilst I would prefer to interview a graphic design agency I am conscious that I am running out of options!

I do have one further contact to try and before I commit to anything I will exhaust the possibility of using Lines as my subject. I am feeling a little disheartened by the process; the lack of communication from Lines has made me nervous that time is ebbing away whilst I remain static. I always like to try a be ahead of the game and I’m not used to relying on others for support. I’m usually the one in charge, so I’m out of my comfort zone. Ideally I’d like to complete the interview by the middle of next week so that I can allocate a decent amount of time to creating a professional transcript and practice profile. I shall persist and I’m sure eventually I shall succeed.


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