Today’s creative challenge, was to personify and object. I began by doing a little online research and found the amazing artist Victor Nunes, who creates  sketches based around inanimate objects.

victor nunes

















Fig 1.

His work made me smile and I considered how much fun the artist must have looking at the world from this perspective by bringing to life such uninteresting everyday objects. I decided that I would try and do the same. Below are my attempts to personify pasta! I had fun with this but I tried to keep the time to a minimum so the results are very sketchy, although I think this adds to the overall aesthetic. Again if I had more time these would have been more refined but overall it was an enjoyable exercise and one I would happily repeat.

pasta dance

Fig 2.

evil pasta

Fig 3.


FIg 1. Nunes, V. (2014). everyday objects turned into art. [image] Available at: [Accessed 4 Jul. 2015].

Fig 2. Winstanley. L. (2015) pasta dance

Fig 3. Winstanley. L (2015) Evil Pasta


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