In my haste and frustration to complete my daily creative challenge last night, it appears that I completely missed day 6 – personify an object! This would indicate that I need to create a strategy that eliminates hurried late night posts and allows me time to create and reflect without pressuring myself. I have also realised that I am spending far longer than 15 minutes on each task and far longer still to photograph, upload, edit and reflect on the outcomes. On average it has been taking around an hour and a half of my time each day which was never my intention.

Therefore. I have decided that although I will continue with a daily creative challenge for this diary, I will implement a weekly theme. I will also rigorously stick to a time limit of less that half an hour each day within which to research and create and I will post the results on a weekly, rather than daily basis. This should  allow me to reflect on the week as a whole alongside evaluating the individual creative outcomes. By creating one post I am hoping that this will reduce the amount of time spent in total for these activities and I can allocate that time to be better spent elsewhere.

I’ll complete the ‘personify an object’ challenge today and upload as I have been doing with a view to a weekly post beginning next Sunday 12th July.

The coming week’s creative theme will be to create daily drop caps, inspired by Jessica Hische

I now feel far more confident that this is a challenge that I can successfully complete without becoming overwhelmed.


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